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DXT Commodities

Industry: Energy, Oil, Gas, Mining

The company: DXT Commodities is an international commodities trading house, leading player in the wholesale natural gas and power market. Founded in 2005 as DufEnergy Trading SA, affiliate of Duferco Group, in 2018 we have gone through a rebranding process and operate today on the market as DXT. Our successful performance led to expand our core businesses all over Europe and beyond.

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Company profile: Link

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DXT Commodities


CV Counsellings


@ 19:30-21:00, SI-006


  • Giulia Cappelletti, HR Specialist, DXT Commodities

Company workshops

@ 19:00-19:30, A-31


  • Mark Buckley, Head of Human Capital Management & Corporate Communications, DXT Commodities
  • Vincenzo Fazio, Head of Power & Gas Quantitative Trading, DXT Commodities

Job Gallery Walk

Il Trading/Meteo Analysis/Tech&Data Management Analyst

@ 19:30-21:00, A-12


  • Lorenzo Ramella, Meteorologist
  • Luca Fabietti, Head of Quantitative Analytics

Company Corner: go and meet directly the company representatives @ their stand!