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Industry: Fiscal, Legal consulting

The company: PwC Switzerland helps companies and individuals to grow - with more than 2,800 employees in Switzerland and 208,000 employees supporting customers in 157 countries around the world. Every day we renew our commitment to better understand our customers and employees, providing them with individual solutions and development opportunities as part of the audit, the fiscal and legal consulting and business advisory services.

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Job Gallery Walk

The Manager | Data Strategy & Management

@ 18:00-19:30, A-11


  • Emanuele Sotta, Manager | Data Strategy & Management

The Manager | Engineering Lead

@ 18:00-19:30, A-11


  • Paolo Angelini, Engineering Lead, PwC

The Tax Manager

@ 19:30-21:00, A-11


  • Sara Regales, Senior Manager | Indirect Tax and Regulatory, PwC

Additional colleagues

  • Susanne Soldini , Senior Associate | Regional Marketing & Office Support